National Honor Society Acceptance Rate (2023)

If you are just entering high school, you’ve probably already heard about National Honor Society, but just what is National Honor Society? How can you benefit, and what are the membership requirements? We answer all your questions and give you the 8 top National Honor Society benefits and reasons to join.

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    The National Honor Society (NHS) is an organization dedicated to recognizing and encouraging outstanding high school students in grades 10-12. Founded in 1921 by the National Association of Secondary School Principals, it was the first nationwide honor society and now has chapters in all 50 states, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, and many other US territories. The National Honor Society estimates that today, more than one million students participate in their activities.

    You are probably wondering what qualifies you as an “outstanding high school student” eligible for membership. And beyond that, you may question what sorts of services and activities are required of and provided to members.

    Read on to find out how to get into the National Honor Society, and what you’ll get in return!

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    Why Should I Become a Member of the National Honor Society?

    Being a member of the National Honor Society shows that you are among the best students in your class, not just in terms of academics but also in terms of leadership, service, and character. It shows a commitment to community service projects and provides you the opportunity to network with like-minded peers. College admissions committees like to see anything that sets you apart as a top student, and this is one of them.

    Additionally, NHS provides regular opportunities for you to build your leadership skills. Though not required, multiple conferences and events are available to NHS members throughout the year, including:

    Open to students in NHS, National Junior Honor Society (NJHS), and the National Association of Student Councils, Leadership Experience and Development (LEAD) conferences are held several times a year on weekends in varying cities across the country. They aim to improve leadership skills and provide networking opportunities for peers from around the country.

    Established in 1972 to promote the value of student leadership, National Student Leadership Week is an open-ended way for schools to celebrate and recognize the importance of student leadership. On their website, NHS provides a list of suggested activities and outreach materials for planning this week.

    (Video) The REAL TRUTH About National Honor Society (NHS)

    These local events are available only to students in NHS or NJHS, and they provide the opportunity for students to participate in think-tank style sessions with state leaders. They are designed to spark conversation with the goal being tangible solutions to real problems in schools and communities.

    Finally, NHS also offers college scholarships. Any high school senior who is a member in good standing of a local NHS chapter is eligible to apply for one of the 400 scholarships awarded annually. The 2017 scholarship application will be available online on November 1, 2016 and due on February 1, 2017. More information is available here.

    National Honor Society: Why You Should Join

    The National Honor Society is a high school educational group that elevates a student’s experience in leadership, teamwork, and volunteer work. The National Honor Society provides a space for like-minded students to come together, motivate each other, and do good for their communities.

    The National Honor Society is built upon the values of scholarship, service, leadership, and character, all of which are pillars to the students of NHS, and the NHS as a whole.

    Students who are a part of The National Honor Society maintain a high GPA, at least a 3.0 (schools can higher the GPA), participate in community service, be a leader, and have good character. This article will touch upon what it takes to get into the National Honor Society.

    But remember, when applying to organizations and colleges included, too many students have 4.0’s, it’s imperative to demonstrate your other qualities, like leadership and character.

    National Honor Society Acceptance Rate (1)

    Being a part of the National Honor Society can give students a window into what juggling classes, clubs, and organizations can be like when it comes time for college.

    The National Honor Society also allows for students to have gained experience in a competitive program while maintaining a strong GPA and taking high-level courses, which are all the criteria top applicants reach when applying to school. Read more as to how AdmissionSight recommends you boost your Academic Guidance in order to be a top applicant when applying to college.

    Continue reading this article if you’d like to learn more about preparing for the National Honor Society, what it means to be a part of the National Honor Society, and how it can benefit you.

    The National Association of Secondary School Principals established The National Honor Society in 1921. Local and regional honor societies existed before 1921, there wasn’t a nationwide organization at that time.

    Dr. Edward Rynearson, the principal of the Fifth Avenue High School in Pittsburgh, helped the organization grow from the original Alpha Chapter at the Fifth Avenue School to more than 1,000 chapters by 1930. With a constitution, an emblem, and a motto and a group of principals as coordinators, the new National Honor Society organization quickly grew into one of the country’s leading educational groups.

    The centennial anniversary of the National Honor Society is on March 1, 2021.

    Along with the National Honor Society, The National Association of Secondary School Principals has established various other honor society programs. Eligible middle school students can be asked to join the National Junior Honors Society, elementary school students can join the National Elementary Honors Society, or students can join the National Student Council.

    To find out what famous military, politics, sports, arts, and education personnel were a part of the National Honor Society, visit here.

    More than one million students participate in the National Honor Society activities. NHS chapters are in all 50 states, US Territories, Canada, and around the world. Not only does being a part of a chapter mean you are a select group in your school, but it also ensures students are doing more for their community through community service and volunteer work. (Read this article to find out more about the competitiveness between public and private schools, and which school you should consider attending).

    Students from grades ten to twelve are eligible to be asked to join the National Honor Society. Each chapter at every school has to publish its qualifications for membership, which is based on the four pillars of NHS.

    (Video) #Transizion National Honor Society: Everything You Need to Know

    Once you meet the scholarship requirement of your school/chapter, you will have an opportunity to complete an application that speaks upon your accomplishments in the other pillars: commitment to service, leadership, and character.

    The National Honor Society chapters and students put an emphasis on student achievement, and also community engagement. It’s important that members of the NHS give back, not for necessary volunteer hours or for a stipend, but for the true desire to assist their communities.

    National Honor Society students volunteer in their communities at high rates. The average chapter contributes:

  • 1,000 hours of school/community service
  • $26,000 in charitable donations
  • 1,000 pounds of food to local, state, and national causes
  • 100 pints of blood
  • Scholarship plays a role in getting into the National Honor Society, meaning having a strong GPA, but also once inducted. (To make sure you have a strong GPA by tenth grade and that you’re a top applicant for the NHS, visit this page.) It’s important when in the NHS that members continue to commit to learning and growing educationally and elsewhere. It’s important to uphold high educational standards for personal reasons and to be a role model for younger high school students.

    A large part of being a part of the National Honor Society is being eligible to apply for their scholarships. The scholarship program is supported by the National Association of Secondary School Principals (NASSP). The NHS offers a good amount of scholarships to outstanding NHS members, with a total of 600 scholarships awarded and $2 million in total:

  • 1 National Winner $25,000 scholarship
  • 24 National Finalists $5,625 scholarship
  • 575 National Semifinalists $3,200 scholarship
  • The National Honor Society is a chapter, therefore there are various leadership positions within each chapter, based on individual chapters. Different chapters have an executive board, group leaders, and more, which is a great way to learn about being a leader, figure out your direction, and stretch yourself.

    The NHS also offers exclusive opportunities for members to develop their leadership proficiency through conferences, leadership events, and summits.

    Character is the final pillar of the National Honor Society, but it can make or break who you are as a member, and as a person. Character is being open to diverse cultures, opinions, and discussions and building relationships that are empathetic. The character also proves who you are as a leader when under pressure, it’s a quality that can make you a great leader, or a not so great leader.

    There are so many values to good character, and it also might depend on personal values. The NHS believes perseverance, respect, integrity, honesty, sacrifice all work together to build good character. It’s especially important in a school setting to be hard working, respectful of peers and teachers, and to be honest, being upperclassmen in the NHS means students are looking up to you, which means NHS members must have good character.

    What is the National Honor Society?

    The National Honor Society (NHS) is an organization for high schoolers that promotes leadership, service, character, and scholarship. There are over one million students participating in NHS activities today, in all 50 states and territories of the United States.

    The National Honor Society started in 1921 by an association of principals. It was the first honor society created across the country. At almost 100 years old, the NHS is one of the most well-known educational and leadership groups.

    How Can You Become a Member?

    To become a National Honor Society member, you must submit an application to your local chapter every year. You will need to be nominated by a teacher, and show proof of your community service hours annually.

    Who is Eligible for the National Honor Society?

    United States high school students in grades 9-12 with a minimum GPA of 3.0 are eligible to apply for membership into the National Honor Society. To be admitted, students must show academic commitment, leadership experience, and good character.

    The Purpose of the National Honor Society

    The purpose of the National Honor Society is to elevate students’ and schools’ academics, leadership, and community engagement. NHS benefits students, communities, and colleges. Colleges have a way of seeing the academic and service commitment of an applicant through his or her membership.

    What Are the Benefits of Being in the National Honor Society?

    1. LEAD Conferences

    LEAD, which stands for Leadership, Experience and Development conferences are held on weekends throughout the year and are open only to NHS and Junior NHS members. These conferences help build leadership skills and networking opportunities.

    2. National Student Leadership Week

    (Video) National Honor Society - Waste of Time

    Every year, individual schools participate in National Student Leadership Week to celebrate and recognize the leaders in their school community. As a member of NHS, you could be one of these recognized student leaders, or you could help plan the events.

    3. State Summits

    Local state summits are mentorship and networking events held exclusively for NHS members within their home state. State leaders attend the summit and students get the opportunity for discussion and collaboration on real-world situations happening in their communities.

    4. College Scholarships

    The National Honor Society offers college scholarships to its members in good standing. There are over 400 scholarship programs with the NHS each year. They also have a database on their website with many other options that accept NHS members.

    5. College Admission

    Including that you have been a member of NHS in high school is an appealing addition to your college application. In addition to this, the National Honor Society holds webinars to help you get the inside scoop on how college admissions work, and how you can submit the best application for your college goals.

    6. College Planning

    NHS also offers college planning services, including step-by-step guides and webinars for preparing for college, as well as information on various top colleges on their website.

    7. Financial Aid Planning

    The National Honor Society can connect its members with financial aid advisors that can help you plan financially for college. They also offer plenty of articles and guides on their website.

    8. Service Projects

    Finally, the NHS gives you many resources for participating in community service projects. They have a large database of community service opportunities that members can access. NHS keeps members accountable for completing the service hours, which looks great on your college application or resume.

    Is There Any Reason That a Qualified Student Should Not Apply?

    The National Honor Society does have required community service hours, so keep that in mind if you already have a busy schedule.

    Some say that the NHS is such a common honor society to join, that it won’t impress admissions advisers. However, others argue that it is not just about your college application, but also about leadership and community.

    How Are Applications Evaluated for the National Honor Society?

    There are four major aspects of an application that NHS admissions committees are looking for:

    1. Scholarship

    Students are required to maintain a 3.0 GPA. This is the first and most important requirement for membership. Once a student has a 3.0 GPA, or a B average, they will be evaluated for the following items.

    (Video) Member Benefits and Leadership Honor Society Acceptance | The NSLS

    2. Service

    Community service is the second part of an NHS application. Admissions advisors are looking for a student’s commitment to serving the greater good of a community. Students can volunteer at any organization to meet this requirement.

    3. Leadership

    NHS applicants must be able to show leadership in order to be accepted by the society. Student leaders have highly sought after skills such as problem solving and resourcefulness.

    Examples of ways students can get leadership is by being team captains, being on a religious youth board, participating in student government, or taking an active role in group projects.

    4. Character

    Finally, students need to show their good character in an application. Good character means taking the moral high ground, being responsible, helpful, and honest. NHS students behave appropriately and do not use illegal drugs or participate in underage drinking.

    What Happens if I Am Denied Membership?

    If, for whatever reason, your application for NHS membership is denied, you may appeal the decision at the local level. This will likely be at your own high school. Try to reach out to an advisor or guidance counselor on why your application was denied. Perhaps a higher grade was submitted late and affected your GPA, or perhaps you didn’t have enough community service hours.

    You won’t receive an explanation for why your application was denied, so if the answers aren’t clear, reflect on your past year, and how they may or may not align with NHS values.

    Whatever the reason, you may apply the following year with a higher GPA and more community service hours. Don’t worry about your denied application as there will be no record of it on your transcripts.

    What Do Members of the National Honor Society Do?

    The first thing you will do as a member of the National Honor Society is attend the local induction ceremony with your high school peers. This usually includes special entrances from guests, guest speakers, official welcome from local leaders, stating the honor society pledge, and an opportunity to meet other NHS members.

    Throughout the rest of the year, National Honor Society members may attend chapter meetings and are required to volunteer a certain number of hours. NHS members are also invited to exclusive leadership events such as state summits, national leadership conferences, and more, so take advantage of these great benefits!

    How To Get Into the National Honor Society

    The four values of the NHS, leadership, academics, character, and service, must be shown in your application to the National Honor Society. For this, maintain your GPA at a 3.0 minimum, find an organization to complete your community service hours, take standardized tests seriously, seek out leadership opportunities in your community, and stay clean and out of trouble.

    2. Researching Your School’s Chapter

    If your high school does not have a chapter, there will likely be another local chapter at a neighboring school. Find out where your chapter is and look up specific entry and membership maintenance requirements before applying.

    3. Find a Teacher to Nominate You for NHS

    As part of the application, you will need a teacher who knows you well to nominate you. This usually requires nothing more than a signature or simple letter. It is best to ask a teacher that you have a personal relationship with.

    Is a National Honor Society Membership Worth It?

    For a long time, being a member of the National Honor Society was seen as a requirement for admission into a good college. Students are seen as leaders, have documented proof of community engagement and service, and have a high academic commitment.

    However, it has become so popular and so many college applicants have NHS on their application that many students wonder if it is worth it to join the society at all.

    There are many other ways to show commitment to service, leadership, and academics that not only make you stand out, but give the admissions committee a clearer picture of who you are and how you might succeed at their institution. While GPA is an admissions factor for NHS, it is also one for college, so admissions counselors will see it anyways.

    However, students should consider that membership into NHS may not require much effort. If your school already requires volunteer hours, or if you complete them anyways, applying to NHS will be easy and not much extra effort.

    If you were wondering what is National Honor Society, and how can it benefit you, we hope we have cleared it up for you. NHS is not only a valuable addition to a college application, but gives you many leadership opportunities which is great for both college and life in general.

    (Video) Honor Society: Everything You Need To Know About How To Join



    What is the acceptance rate of NHS? ›

    For the 2023 school year, there is 1 private school belonging to national honor society (nhs) serving 94 students in California. You can also find more schools membership associations in California. The average acceptance rate is 95%, which is higher than the California private school average acceptance rate of 84%.

    Does everyone get into National Honor Society? ›

    Members of the sophomore, junior and senior class who meet all four requirements and complete an application will be admitted to the National Honor Society. The four basic requirements for membership are scholarship, leadership, service, and character.

    Is National Honors Society a big deal? ›

    NHS is not only a valuable addition to a college application, but gives you many leadership opportunities which is great for both college and life in general.

    How many students get into National Honor Society? ›

    The organization was founded in 1921. Today, over 1 million students participate in NHS, which has chapters around the world.

    What GPA does NHS look at? ›

    Students in grades 10–12 who meet the requirements for membership outlined by their school's chapter are eligible to be invited for membership. Per national guidelines, at a minimum, students must have a cumulative GPA of weighted 3.5 or above.

    What GPA must you have for NHS? ›

    NHS national policy requires that each chapter set a cumulative GPA as their Scholarship criteria. (The minimum Scholarship requirement a chapter may set is a cumulative GPA of 85, B, 3.0 on a 4.0 scale, or equivalent cumulative standard of excellence.

    Can you get rejected from National Honor Society? ›

    Each year, National Honor Society (NHS) chapters undertake a process to select new members, and inevitably, some student candidates are not selected. For most NHS chapters, there is no formal appeals process required for nonselection, unless a local chapter decides to create one.

    Does NHS look good for college? ›

    Colleges see it as a great asset if you were in the NHS! It will help round out your application and demonstrate that you earned good grades and participated in your community. It's hard to know if it will make-or-break your application, but there is no doubt that NHS membership is an asset on any college application.

    How are NHS members chosen? ›

    Selection for membership is by a Faculty Council and is based on outstanding scholarship, character, leadership and service. Once selected, members have the responsibility to continue to demonstrate these qualities. Some candidates may be ineligible for induction because of the semester ruling.

    Is it hard to get into NHS? ›

    Getting into NHS requires a lot of work and dedication, and the National Honor Society Requirements vary from chapter to chapter. You'll need to meet the GPA requirement and other standards to be considered for membership.

    What percent of students get into NHS? ›

    About 90 to 95 percent of applicants make the cut.

    Why did I get invited to honor society? ›

    Why did I get an email from Honor Society? Honor Society invitations are sent to potential members who were recommended for induction by their academic institution, or through our partnerships with scholarship and educational programs.

    What is the hardest honor society to get into? ›

    Phi Kappa Phi

    Founded in 1897 at the University of Maine, Phi Kappa Phi is one of the best honor societies, and is also the most selective honor society for all academic disciplines, accepting only members in the top 7.5% of their second semester. For graduate students, they accept only the top 10 percent of students.

    Is it worth joining National Honor Society in high school? ›

    Is national honor society worth it? One benefit is that it demonstrates your ability to obtain and keep a good GPA throughout your high school experience. This demonstrates both your aptitude for academics and your likelihood of succeeding in college.

    What are the perks of National Honor Society? ›

    NHS offers:
    • Support for students and parents with college admission and financial aid planning, leveraging unique member-only resources and tools, including webinars, virtual events, and scholarship search.
    • Assistance in making the dream of higher education possible through the highly acclaimed NHS Scholarship program.

    Is NHS good for Ivy League? ›

    Some applicants even choose to list their membership in NHS as a few hours each week. But this isn't a good idea. Ivy League admissions counselors aren't impressed that you do an activity for three hours a week. And they're certainly not impressed that you're a member of the National Honor Society.

    What GPA do you need for NHS for a 4.0 scale? ›

    Per national guidelines, at a minimum, students must have a cumulative GPA of 85, B, 3.0 on a 4.0 scale, or equivalent standard of excellence. (Each school chapter is allowed to require a higher cumulative GPA.)

    Does NHS count as an honor? ›

    More than just an honor roll, NHS serves to recognize those students who have demonstrated excellence in the areas of scholarship, service, leadership, and character.

    How do I get a NHS scholarship? ›

    Who Can Apply for a National Honor Society Scholarship?
    1. Members of the National Honor Society.
    2. Enrolled at a school with an active NHS chapter.
    3. Graduating in the spring.
    4. Planning to enroll at a U.S. college or university in the fall after graduation.

    Does the National Honor Society look at weighted GPA? ›

    If your overall GPA is at or above the minimum standard, you remain in good standing. If your cumulative GPA drops below a 3.6 (or 4.2, weighted), you will have one semester to raise your grades to the minimum standard before losing membership status in the National Honor Society.

    Does NHS take weighted GPA? ›

    Students in the Junior Class are eligible for membership, provided that each student has an overall final weighted grade point average (GPA) of a 3.75 or higher based upon all courses taken for credit through the 4th semester.

    Is there a fake honor society? ›

    With so many scams out there today, it is reasonable for you to be skeptical of honors societies. But rest assured that NSCS and other similar honors societies are not scams.

    Is it hard to become an honor student? ›

    Most importantly, believe in yourself. An honor student is built on a balance of virtue and wisdom. It does not depend on whether or not you were “born a genius.” Anyone can become an honor student if equipped with the right mindset, faith and passion.” “I used to read my books as soon as I got them.

    What qualities does NHS look for? ›

    According to the National Honor Society Handbook, there are four qualities of NHS members: Scholarship, Leadership, Service, and Character.

    How do you get invited to National Honor Society? ›

    You are become eligible to join National Honor Society after the first semester of your junior year. Membership is by invitation only and is determined in two phases: Phase 1: Cumulative grade point average of an unweighted 3.0 or above. No class 2 referrals in your sophomore or junior year. No integrity violations.

    What grade does National Honor Society start? ›

    The National Honor Society (NHS) is a nationwide organization for high-achieving students in grades 10-12 with a focus on scholarship, leadership, and service.

    What level of recognition is National Honor Society? ›

    National Merit Finalist and National Merit Scholar recognition are both appropriately designated as National honors. Since National Honor Society selection is done at the school level, you should designate it as a school honor.

    How impressive is NHS? ›

    The NHS isn't the most exclusive club, but it is very well-respected and speaks to a student's academic success, community involvement, leadership skills, and overall high character. The more active role a student takes in the National Honor Society, the more benefits they'll reap from their involvement in it.

    Can I join NHS with no experience? ›

    No experience is required as full training will be provided. Who are we? We are part of the NHS family with 6,000 professionals supporting over 3,000 healthcare properties across England.

    Why is NHS struggling to recruit? ›

    1. Workplace pressure. Workplace pressure is one of the biggest NHS workforce challenges, which has been amplified dramatically since the pandemic. A Royal College of Nursing employment survey, published in December 2021, highlights issues of staff morale, sickness absence and the prospect of rising vacancies.

    Was Taylor Swift in the National Honor Society? ›

    What do entertainer Taylor Swift, former first lady Michelle Obama, and baseball legend Cal Ripken Jr., have in common? They were all members of the National Honor Society. Welcome to the organization the world's highest achieving students have been proudly adding to their résumés since 1921.

    What percentage of high school kids are in National Honor Society? ›

    In many high schools throughout the nation, only 10 percent of every class is inducted into the NHS, so should the standards be set higher in our school to lower the amount of kids who are inducted every year?

    How many people go NHS in a year? ›

    In 2018/19, it was estimated that the NHS encountered 564 million patients across all of its services (GPs, community services, mental health services, hospitals, NHS 111 and ambulance services), with 1.4 million hospital admissions.

    Why am I getting emails from Honors society? ›

    It's not uncommon for students to receive emails every so often from organizations calling themselves honor societies. They advertise that their members get exclusive opportunities, such as scholarships, connections to potential employers as well as a status that will be a helpful addition to a resume.

    How do I leave honor society? ›

    Our phone number is: 1 (866) 313-6311 If we don't pick up, please leave a message and we'll promptly respond. If you're unsatisfied with your membership, getting your refund is simple. To cancel your current membership and receive a refund, click here. Leaders and visionaries are welcome to join.

    What GPA do you need for honor? ›

    To Graduate with Honors the following criteria apply: Cum Laude: 3.500 - 3.699. Magna cum laude: 3.700 - 3.849. Summa cum laude: 3.850 - 4.000.

    What is the highest GPA for honor? ›

    cum laude, "With Honors", cumulative GPA of 3.5 and above; magna cum laude, "With High Honors", cumulative GPA of 3.65 and above; summa cum laude, "With Highest Honors," cumulative GPA of 3.85 and above.

    What is the most prestigious honor society? ›

    Nationally Recognized Honor Societies
    • Phi Beta Kappa. Phi Beta Kappa is the nation's oldest and most prestigious honor society. ...
    • Phi Kappa Phi. ...
    • National Society of Collegiate Scholars. ...
    • Golden Key. ...
    • Alpha Lambda Delta. ...
    • Omicron Delta Kappa. ...
    • More Information.
    Nov 2, 2022

    Is NHS prestigious? ›

    What Membership in the National Honor Society Means for You. The NHS is a prestigious organization with stringent membership requirements. Any student who qualifies to join should be exceptionally proud of themselves. Some wonderful perks come with being a member.

    Is it too late to join NHS as a senior? ›

    It's not a matter of late, it's a matter of being invited and selected. You would have to first meet the minimum GPA of 85 - 3.0 of 4.0, and show proof of your engagement and involvement in activities. You have to meet their requirements before you can submit an application.

    How do you check if you are in the National Honor Society? ›

    Contact or call us at 800-253-7746, option 4. Make sure that you receive the most up-to-date and relevant information directly from the national office of the National Honor Societies.

    What are the 4 pillars of NHS? ›

    A leader is made up of the other four pillars of National Honor Society: service, character, scholarship and citizenship.

    How do you describe NHS on common app? ›

    If you have an activity classified as academic, put NHS under community service or other club/activity. If you have an activity classified as other club/activity, put NHS under academic or community service. That way it shows that you have more of a variety of activities.

    What does scholarship mean in NHS? ›

    Scholarship. Scholarship is a commitment to learning. Members of the National Honor Society must maintain a cumulative grade point average of 93 percent or higher. Character. Members of the National Honor Society uphold the principles of morality and ethics.

    Is it hard to get accepted into NHS? ›

    Getting into NHS requires a lot of work and dedication, and the National Honor Society Requirements vary from chapter to chapter. You'll need to meet the GPA requirement and other standards to be considered for membership.

    Is it hard to get into NHS UK? ›

    Not necessarily. Despite around 50% of the NHS workforce having a university or other professional qualification, there are lots of opportunities for staff without these qualifications, especially in the wider healthcare team.

    Is NHS impressive for colleges? ›

    Colleges see it as a great asset if you were in the NHS! It will help round out your application and demonstrate that you earned good grades and participated in your community. It's hard to know if it will make-or-break your application, but there is no doubt that NHS membership is an asset on any college application.

    Are NHS jobs hard to get? ›

    To find a job in the NHS is not as difficult as you may think, but it's a valid concern. What with the increased amount of doctors applying for exams such as PLAB every year, you can only sit and wonder how long it will be before everything becomes saturated.

    Why should I be accepted into NHS? ›

    While NHS has an academic GPA minimum, there are four aspects taken into consideration. Applicants are chosen based on scholarship, leadership, character, and service. Members must maintain the merits on which they were accepted. It is also mandatory to complete service each semester.

    How long does it take to join NHS? ›

    We aim to complete applications within 25 working days from the day of your successful interview providing we have full engagement from you during the process. Once you have submitted your application online, it is subject to screening.

    What percentage of students get into NHS? ›

    About 90 to 95 percent of applicants make the cut.

    How should I dress for an NHS interview? ›

    Most interviewers will expect you to be in smart business attire. This doesn't necessarily mean you need to wear a suit and tie, but think at least smart casual. Make sure everything is clean, well pressed and that it still fits you.

    How long do NHS interviews last? ›

    Interviews will typically last between 30 to 60 minutes, and will include a series of questions related to you and the role for which you are applying.


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