The 10 Best High Sierra Backpack Reviews and Buying Guide in 2023 (2023)

Do you want an elegant backpack that has passed the tests of durability and performance? If so, you might want to consider High Sierra Backpacks.

These high-quality designer bags are ideal for any sort of packing. Whether you want a backpack for outdoor picnics and hiking expeditions, college, or work, High Sierra has it all. Indeed, you can get one backpack case that you can transform into anything you want.

We have created the best High Sierra backpack review. It will entail a discussion of the top 10 High Sierra backpacks. After that, we hope that you will find the perfect backpack case for your needs.

The 10 best of the best High Sierra Backpack Comparison

ImageThe 10 Best High Sierra Backpack Reviews and Buying Guide in 2023 (1)NameHigh Sierra Loop – 53646-6755Weight1.4 pounds PriceCheck Latest Pricetable
ImageThe 10 Best High Sierra Backpack Reviews and Buying Guide in 2023 (2)NameHigh Sierra Wiggie – 105187-7544Weight1.1 pounds PriceCheck Latest Pricetable
ImageThe 10 Best High Sierra Backpack Reviews and Buying Guide in 2023 (3)NameHigh Sierra Endeavor – 105577-6657Weight2 pounds PriceCheck Latest Pricetable
ImageThe 10 Best High Sierra Backpack Reviews and Buying Guide in 2023 (4)NameHigh Sierra Swerve – 53665-1041Weight2.15 pounds PriceCheck Latest Pricetable
ImageThe 10 Best High Sierra Backpack Reviews and Buying Guide in 2023 (5) NameHigh Sierra Access 2.0 – 105157-1041Weight1.5 pounds PriceCheck Latest Pricetable
ImageThe 10 Best High Sierra Backpack Reviews and Buying Guide in 2023 (6) NameHigh Sierra Freewheel – 53991-3404Weight3.5 pounds PriceCheck Latest Pricetable
ImageThe 10 Best High Sierra Backpack Reviews and Buying Guide in 2023 (7)NameHigh Sierra Curve – 53632-3054Weight0.94 pound PriceCheck Latest Pricetable
ImageThe 10 Best High Sierra Backpack Reviews and Buying Guide in 2023 (8) NameHigh Sierra Loop Backpack, Lime/SlateWeight1.3 pounds PriceCheck Latest Pricetable
ImageThe 10 Best High Sierra Backpack Reviews and Buying Guide in 2023 (9) NameHigh Sierra XBT- 57999-4177Weight0.94 pound PriceCheck Latest Pricetable
ImageThe 10 Best High Sierra Backpack Reviews and Buying Guide in 2023 (10) NameHigh Sierra Powerglide Wheeled BackpackWeight3.75 pounds PriceCheck Latest Pricetable

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Reviews of The 10 Our best of the best High Sierra Backpack

1. High Sierra Loop – 53646-6755

The 10 Best High Sierra Backpack Reviews and Buying Guide in 2023 (11)

Are you searching for the best High Sierra backpack for college? Without a doubt, the High Sierra Loop could be the item you are searching for. As well as using this bag for college, you can use it as a book bag for work. On top, you can get it for your weekend getaways.

Besides being a versatile case, the High Sierra Loop has enough space. First, there is the main compartment that can accommodate your books or clothes. Secondly, the bag has secondary pockets that have enough padding for the safety of your tablet. Hence, we adore this case because you can bring your tablet to school or a vacation destination.

In addition, it has two pockets that can host your accessories and tiny things.

Further, this High Sierra backpack has a suspension system that ensures that your back does not strain at all. Moreover, there are compression straps for cinching down and fastening your sleeping bag or tent.

This travel bag has excellent dimensions and size to support your needs. The High Sierra Loop is a multi-purpose bag that can handle daily abuse too. For guys who love backpacks, the High Sierra Loop is among the most stylish and functional cases.

Above and beyond, it suits someone who hikes a lot as it has beverage pockets. Not only does it have a design that reduces the strain on your back. Its multi-compartment can also host a lot of things without making the bag very bulky.

Product Specification:

  • Luggage Dimensions: 20.08 x 14.57 x 7.09 inches
  • Product Weight: 1.4 pounds
  • Materials : 600D Ripstop Poly Material Definition Waffle Weave
  • Warranty: N/A
  • Handle: Yoke-style, S shape shoulder straps.

Key Features:

  • Main compartment
  • Secondary pockets
  • Accessory pockets
  • Suspension System
  • Compression straps
  • Bookbag.

What We Liked:

  • One can carry their books as well as their tablet
  • It is a multi-use backpack
  • The High Sierra Loop is stylish and also beautiful
  • Men and women can use it
  • It also comes with a padded back panel that soothes your back.
  • The bag is ideal for travelers, students, and workers.

What We Didn’t Like:

  • It can stain easily because the colors are white and light teal.

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2. High Sierra Wiggie – 105187-7544

The 10 Best High Sierra Backpack Reviews and Buying Guide in 2023 (12)

Can the High Sierra Wiggie-105187-7544 be your best high sierra backpack? Perhaps it could if you are searching for a lunch kit backpack. Besides, the High Sierra Sports Company made this case with your needs in mind. Although there is only one size, it comes complete with a lunch kit. The lunch kit is a compartment with insulation and a PEVA lining.

As a result, it can be the perfect lunch backpack for your child. A backpack bag that can carry a lunch box, as well as other things, is the best choice of all. The back panel has thick padding to ensure comfort no matter the weight of the items in the bag. There is also a lunch pack sleeve that can also accommodate your accessories.

It as well consists of a Velcro closure that works when you are not packing food. Still, there is a core organizer with several pockets to help you organize your things well. There is a mesh beverage pocket too for the child to place their favourite drink. In addition, the High Sierra Wiggie backpack has mesh shoulder straps with proper padding for your

Furthermore, you have an extra cushioned grab handle for use when your back is tired. And to attach more things, the bag offers daisy chain loops on the front side. Lastly, there is an internal name tag on the inner area of the flap opening for ease of identification. High Sierra Wiggie can be excellent luggage for your kids.

Product Specification:

  • Luggage Dimensions: 17.3 by 11.2 by 7.9 inches
  • Product Weight: 1.1 pounds
  • Maretials: Polyethylene vinyl acetate
  • Warranty: Ask the manufacturer
  • Handle: Cushioned mesh shoulder straps, grab handle.

Key Features:

  • Multi-compartment bag
  • Lunch pack sleeve
  • Core organizer
  • Mesh beverage pouch
  • Shoulder straps
  • Heavy-duty carry handle

What We Liked:

  • It has a double-use lunch pack sleeve
  • In addition, it is a multi-compartment backpack
  • The backpack offers padded shoulder straps and a grab handle too
  • It is sturdy and durable
  • An insulated section, making it best for school-going kids.

What We Didn’t Like:

  • It does not fit kids who carry a lot of things to school.
  • Only one size is available.
  • Bright colors are lovely but can catch stains easily.

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3. High Sierra Endeavor – 105577-6657

The 10 Best High Sierra Backpack Reviews and Buying Guide in 2023 (13)

Do you want a cute backpack from the most curious of all manufacturers? If so, we think that the best High Sierra Laptop Backpack for you could be the High Sierra Endeavor – 105577-6657. Besides having just the correct body dimensions, the High Sierra Endeavor comes with a cushioned computer pocket. It also can fit a laptop with a fifteen-inch display.

Further, there is a dedicated Tech Spot sleeve where you can put your tablet. And if you have more electronic gadgets to carry, there is a front media pocket with fleece lining. Additionally, there is a premium organizer with several pockets plus a key fob. It is here that you can pack everything you intend to carry.

In addition, there are hidden backpack straps that feature thick padding too. These are right behind the zippered back panel. We think this is the best High Sierra backpack for a passionate traveller because it has in-line skate wheels. Together with the telescopic push-button locking handle, these skate wheels are the best.

Since you can encounter elements as you travel, you might need the High Sierra Endeavor bag as the bottom panel can resist water. Still, there is a mesh beverage pocket that can hold your water bottle. Above and beyond, this laptop bag has a lovely design and a mercury heather colour. To sum up, the Endeavor backpack unisex backpack for lovers of

Product Specification:

  • Dimensions: 21 x 14 x 10 inches
  • Weight: 2 pounds
  • Material: N/A
  • Warranty: Ask the manufacturer
  • Handle: Telescopic handle, shoulder straps

Key Features:

  • Cushioned computer sleeve
  • Front media pocket
  • Tech Spot sleeve
  • Multiple pockets organizer
  • In-line skate wheels
  • Mesh beverage pocket
  • Front accessories

What We Liked:

  • The High Sierra Endeavor backpack is stylish and functional
  • An organizer with several pockets
  • A telescopic handle and skate wheels to help you pull your bag when too heavy
  • Padded shoulder straps to ensure comfort when carrying

What We Didn’t Like:

  • It has one size only
  • The large compartment has no cushioning.

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4. High Sierra Swerve – 53665-1041

The 10 Best High Sierra Backpack Reviews and Buying Guide in 2023 (14)

The High Sierra Swerve- 53665-1041 is a top-quality product. It might be the best High Sierra backpack for women and men who carry oversized laptops when travelling. In addition to having thick padding, the laptop Cushion Zone sleeve can accommodate a laptop with a 17-inch screen.

If you like to carry your tablet too, the High Sierra Swerve is also the best because it has a Tech Spot Sleeve. We also love the main compartment of this backpack because of having several pockets. As a result, you can pack most of your travel essentials securely and tightly. Concerning the shoulder straps, they come with a suspension system.

The shock-absorber system provides relief when the backpack is too bulky. Still, this travel case has a vapel mesh fabric and deep air channels. For that reason, it keeps your back from sweating when carrying the High Sierra backpack by letting air flow freely.

And to ensure that you enjoy your trip, the compact backpack has several pockets. The mesh pocket with a zipper can host your pens and tiny accessories. Still, you can carry your extra media in the lidded media pocket. Above all, there is a key fob hook to ensure that you store your keys safely. Lastly, the bottom of this lovely bag consists of waterproof material.

Product Specification:

  • Dimensions: 0.1 x 7.75 x 19 inches
  • Weight: 2.15 pounds
  • Material: Vapel mesh, N/A
  • Warranty: Check a manufacturer PDF
  • Handle: Padded shoulder straps.

Key Features:

  • Big main compartment
  • Padded laptop sleeve
  • Suspension system
  • Vapel mesh construction
  • Several zippered pockets
  • An interior slip zipper pocket

What We Liked:

  • There is a secure pocket for your laptop and another one for your tablet
  • Additionally, the backpack has plenty of pockets to keep things tidy
  • It is also a pretty lightweight bag
  • This High Sierra backpack has a water-resistant bottom
  • Durable and stylish
  • Can carry a laptop with a 17-inch display.

What We Didn’t Like:

  • It comes in one size only, and the black color might not please everyone.

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5. High Sierra Access 2.0 – 105157-1041

The 10 Best High Sierra Backpack Reviews and Buying Guide in 2023 (15)

When searching for a backpack for travel enthusiasts, you might want to consider the High Sierra Access 2.0 – 105157-1041. First of all, we love its oversized multi-sectioned organizer. The main organizer can therefore carry a lot of personal stuff when travelling. Regarding your laptop, there is a dedicated cushioned Cushion Zone pocket for it.
Additionally, this pocket can accommodate a laptop with a 15-inch display.

In addition, there is a classy media pocket for keeping electronic gadgets. It also has a headphone port, making it a fun bag for younglings. Still, this High Sierra bag has front tricot-lined media pockets. Additionally, there is a zippered accessory pocket in the front section that can hold extra stuff. And to ensure that you also quench your thirst when travelling, there is a mesh pocket for a water bottle.

The shoulder straps have a lovely s-shape and thick padding to ensure your comfort. Moreover, there is an adjustable sternum strap.

Although High Sierra created Access 2.0 as a work bag, it makes a nice backpack for hikers. Still, we think that it makes a good gift for a young person with plenty of media devices to carry when travelling. Also, you can use it as an under seta backpack.

Product Specification:

  • Dimensions: 20.2 by 15 by 7.6 inches
  • Weight: 1.5 pounds
  • Material: 1000D Polyester Ripstop
  • Warranty: Ask the manufacturer
  • Handle: Shoulder straps.

Key Features:

  • Black color
  • Multi-compartment design
  • Cushion Zone
  • Tech Spot tablet sleeve
  • Mesh pockets
  • S-shaped shoulder straps
  • Adjustable Sternum straps
  • Front tricot media pockets

What We Liked:

  • Ideal when traveling with your laptop
  • It comes with a media pocket and also a sleeve for your tablet
  • We love the many zippered pockets to make packing easier
  • There is a headphone partition too that ensures you enjoy music while away
  • High-quality design.

What We Didn’t Like:

  • There is no waist strap for making a heavy bag feel lighter
  • It is a pretty small, compact bag for someone wanting a tall bag.

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6. High Sierra Freewheel – 53991-3404

The 10 Best High Sierra Backpack Reviews and Buying Guide in 2023 (16)

The High Sierra Freewheel could be your best High Sierra backpack if you love rolling bags. And as a man, you might love it more because of its gorgeous true navy colour. We cannot help but notice its multi-compartment style as well, because it has a massive size.

Besides, there is a padded computer sleeve named Cushion Zone. It can accommodate a laptop with a 15-inch display. The deluxe media pocket is where you will place your electronic devices. In addition, the Freewheel bag has a port for your headphones and a USB cable. What you might love the most as well as the wheeled design.

The bag has corner-mounted wheels that roll pretty well. Furthermore, the High Rise Freewheel has a telescoping handle that you can pull out or hideaway. When you do not want to roll the bag, use the shoulder straps that have thick padding to prevent strain. Above and beyond, there is a padded back panel that will ensure the safety of your back.

Likewise, there is a side pocket that will hold your water or beverage bottle when trekking. Again, all other pockets will host all your tiny travel accessories. Finally, the High Rise Freewheel comes with corner guards and a lower kick plate that can prevent scratches.

Product Specification:

  • Dimensions: 19.5 by 13.5 by 8 inches
  • Weight: 3.5 pounds
  • Material: N/A
  • Warranty: Ask the manufacturer
  • Handle: Telescopic, shoulder straps.

Key Features:

  • True navy color
  • Oversized multi-compartment style
  • Cushion Zone Laptop sleeve
  • Corner-mounted wheels
  • Telescopic handle
  • Padded shoulder straps
  • Beverage pocket
  • Padded grab handle
  • Reflective strip

What We Liked:

  • There is a cushioned sleeve for your laptop
  • We also love the color and shape of the backpack
  • Likewise, there is a media pocket with a USB/headphone port
  • There are pockets for small accessories like pens, cards, or notebooks.
  • You can roll the backpack or carry it on your back.
  • A pocket for shoulder straps is a great addition.

What We Didn’t Like:

  • The wheels are practical but not sturdy
  • Only one side pocket for a beverage bottle.

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7. High Sierra Curve – 53632-3054

The 10 Best High Sierra Backpack Reviews and Buying Guide in 2023 (17)

The High Sierra Curve – 53632-3054 is a lovely and chic backpack. We like it a lot because it has several pockets. While users can decide how to use their Curve backpack, it seems to fit everyday uses. Indeed, it can make a great school or work bag besides being a nice hiker backpack.

Apart from having an extensive main section for keeping things like files or clothes, it also has a front pocket. When you open the front pocket zipper, you will notice up to four open pockets. This is also where you can store your pens, notebooks, phone, and keys. The High Sierra Backpack also comes with adjustable and detachable cushioned shoulder straps.

In addition to being comfortable, these shoulder straps are non-slip and easy to carry. At the end of each strap as well, there is a swivel clip designed to stop twisting. Likewise, the backpack has thick padding for additional comfort.

The Curve backpack will also last longer because its construction material is a mini-hexagon ripstop. Not only is the mini-hexagon material tear-proof but also water-resistant.

As you travel, you can still enjoy using your electronic media because there is a media pocket with a USB port. Lastly, there is a grab handle with enough cushioning to keep your arms comfortable.

Product Specification:

  • Dimensions: 18.5 by 12.5 by 8.5 inches
  • Weight: .94 pounds
  • Material: N/A
  • Warranty: Ask the manufacturer
  • Handle: Shoulder straps, grab handle.

Key Features:

  • Oversized main compartment
  • Detachable shoulder straps
  • Durable
  • Curve backpack
  • Media pocket
  • Beverage pocket
  • Three interior slip pockets
  • Four exterior slip pockets

What We Liked:

  • Black in color
  • A roomy backpack for different uses
  • A front media pocket features a USB port as well
  • Additionally, there are small open pockets for accessories
  • Zippered pockets for the safety of things

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Do not use it when it is raining as stuff can get wet.

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8. High Sierra Loop Backpack, Lime/Slate

The 10 Best High Sierra Backpack Reviews and Buying Guide in 2023 (18)

The High Sierra Loop Backpack could just be the ideal backpack if you have a lot to carry. We found that there are compartments and pockets for pretty much everything you are going to carry. If you think we are exaggerating you can be sure we are not.

All in all, there are 11 pockets inside the backpack and a further 7 on the outside. In addition, it has an area where you can place your ID, plus card slots if you want to have information easily seen. This may well be the best High Sierra backpack for college. When it comes to pockets, there is one big enough for a laptop or tablet as well as one specially designed to hold a drink.

We like that this can be unisex, as the lime and slate colours work for either sex. Due to the padding, there is no rubbing on the shoulders and back. Furthermore, there is a suspension system that ensures the pack fits comfortably and makes carrying things around easily. Shoulder pads are non-slip, so weight is distributed evenly. They can also be adjusted so can be altered to fit various sizes and have a clip to prevent twisting.

We found that there was nothing to worry about regarding the security of our belongings. Compression straps can be adjusted, and this allows the bag to be expanded or made smaller. With straps at the bottom, another item could be safely attached.

Lastly, we were impressed by the location of the pocket for the drinks bottle. As it is located at the side, it can easily be reached without removing the pack.

Product Specification:

  • Dimensions: 19 x 8.5 x 13.5 inches
  • Weight: 1.3 pounds
  • Material: 600D Ripstop Poly, Waffle Weave
  • Warranty:
  • Handle: Adjustable compression straps and padded shoulder straps

Key Features:

  • Multiple large pockets
  • Key fob
  • Side straps can be adjusted
  • The back panel is padded for additional comfort
  • Additional items can be added to the backpack via bottom compression straps

What We Liked:

  • There are so many pockets to allow a lot to go in the backpack
  • Can be used by men or women
  • Ideal for college use, or when going camping

What We Didn’t Like:

  • There are concerns regarding how much the backpack can hold

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9. High Sierra XBT- 57999-4177

The 10 Best High Sierra Backpack Reviews and Buying Guide in 2023 (19)

We have found the High Sierra XBT to be an ideal bag if you want one with a bit of everything. There is enough storage room, as well as some much-needed features. The large section at the front is perfect for bigger items. Meanwhile, the organizer at the front gives space for items you want to be kept separate.

We were glad that there was a mesh pocket, as this is ideal for holding a drink. As well as space for pens there is even a key hook. Still, the bag is flexible enough to offer both a laptop padded sleeve and a tablet sleeve. One can make great use of the media pocket at the front as explained in this High Sierra backpack review. This zipped pocket lets you reach technological items and even has a USB port.

Just because we decide to travel, it does not mean that we can’t listen to music. There are so many features that we struggled to find the best. The standard of manufacture, as well as the durability, will certainly be high on the list. The material used ensures that it will only tear under the greatest duress.

Wearing the backpack very comfortable is possible, thanks mainly to the padded shoulder straps. Regardless of the height of the wearer, you can adjust shoulder straps to match your height. Weight will distribute evenly across the body thanks to the non-slip shoulder pads. We found out straps stayed in place thanks to a swivel clip.

Even the back gets protection from padding. The back panel will gently rest on your back regardless of what is inside. The handle is a heavy-duty webbing handle. This has proved to be invaluable when in a rush as you can easily pick it up. It does not matter whether you are carrying camping gear, college work, or sports equipment.

There will be plenty of room. We think the High Sierra XBT might be the best High Sierra laptop backpack for a person who travels daily.

Product Specification:

  • Dimensions: 18.5 x 12.5 x 8.5 inches
  • Weight: 0.94 pound
  • Material: Mini-hexagon ripstop that is lightweight and water-resistant.
  • Warranty:
  • Handle: Heavy-duty grab handle

Key Features:

  • TSA-Friendly opening
  • Tablet sleeve
  • Laptop pocket
  • Media pocket
  • Organizer with pockets
  • Adjustable compression straps
  • Beverage pouches
  • Suspended back panel
  • Cushioned grab handle.

What We Liked:

  • Plenty of room
  • USB port in zipped media pocket
  • Padded shoulder straps and back panel
  • Good quality material

What We Didn’t Like:

  • There can be problems with the zippers.

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10. High Sierra Powerglide Wheeled Backpack

The 10 Best High Sierra Backpack Reviews and Buying Guide in 2023 (20)

We were pleased by the amount of equipment that we could fit into the High Sierra Powerglide. If there are travels on the horizon, it could be the only piece of luggage that you need. With a variety of compartments, there is no reason not to keep your items all organized perfectly. This wheeled item may well be the best High Sierra backpack for women.

Your laptop would be safe as the compartment has thick padding. The size would easily hold a 17” model, so should be fine for most users. Alongside this, we were able to make great use of the section that had numerous pockets and placed many small items in it.

One amazing feature of this backpack is the fact that it has wheels. We were able to use it as a backpack, but when it suited, could treat it like a roller bag. The transformation from one to the other was quick and easy. If travels take you to areas of uneven ground, it will be ideal to lift the back and carry it for that part of the journey.

If pockets are important when it comes to selecting luggage, then this could be just what you need. We found it easy to reach the media pocket and take advantage of the headphone port. Alongside this were the zipped side pockets, so we knew that nothing was just going to fall out. There is no need to worry about access to straps for the backpack. They are
safely placed behind the back panel.

The wheel is all-terrain and we found them to be stable. If the aim is to change to wheels, then the telescopic handle is found under a zipped cover.

Product Specification:

  • Dimensions: 0.1 x 14 x 8.8 inches
  • Weight: 3.75 pounds
  • Material: Durable polyester
  • Warranty:
  • Handle: Telescopic, and it can be hidden

Key Features:

  • Skate style wheels
  • The laptop compartment is fully padded
  • Mesh padded shoulder straps
  • There is a multi-pocket organizer
  • The grab handle is padded
  • Kickplate to prevent damage

What We Liked:

  • Plenty of room for a laptop
  • Padded and comfortable
  • Easy to convert
  • Plenty of pockets

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Can be noisy when being wheeled

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Buyers Guide

How to pick the best backpack?

Now that you know what sorts of backpacks are available, it is time to make a decision. The problems can arise when it is difficult to know what to look for. All have many of the same sorts of features, so which is the best High Sierra backpack for you.

This could be one of the most important issues. If you are going to transport heavy items, then consider how much can you carry. It could be that the wheeled option will be best here. If you are going to be moving around technology or fragile items, the padding is going to be important. Finally, are individual pockets important? Some backpacks have a better selection than others so decide what it is that you need.

This could be important when it comes to deciding. It is fine deciding which one will be ideal, but the price may be prohibitive. With so many good quality products to choose from, it should be easy to find one that will work for you.

This may not seem to be important, to begin with, but there are reasons why it could be. Some backpacks will be used regularly and will be harshly treated. They could be thrown around on coaches or pulled over harsh terrain. In these cases, they will have to be very durable. If the weather is wet most of the time, then there is the need for the backpack to be waterproof. Water and a laptop or schoolbooks do not work well together.

Often when packing a backpack, it will be possible to just throw all the items in together. However, this is not always going to be possible. Some items may damage others if they are all heaped together, and some may need to be accessed at short notice. You will not be popular if you are rooting through a large bag looking for an item and holding up a queue.

Most of the time, the function of the backpack will be much more important than the way that it looks. The fact that there is plenty of room is more important than the colour. That being said, why should you have a product you don’t like the look of? Choose a backpack that fulfils all of your requirements and then go for the colour or design you want. It is very unlikely that there will not be one that catches your eye.


Soon you will be the proud owner of a backpack that will be just what you need. There is plenty of information to help you make your choice. Once you have carried out a little research you will have the best High Sierra backpack to suit your requirements and will be glad you made that choice.

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